Understanding Specialty Tiers
Alliance for Patient Access, March 2018

Why FDA Fast Tracking Matters to Cystic Fibrosis Patients
Cystic Fibrosis Engagement Network, February 2018

Understanding Pharmacovigilance
Alliance for Patient Access, February 2018

2017 Infant Health Policy Summit – Diversity & Disparity: Breaking Down Access Barriers
National Coalition for Infant Health, February 2018

Who Are Headache Disorders & Migraine Hurting?
Headache & Migraine Policy Forum, November 2017

Protecting Women & Infants from Hepatitis C
National Coalition for Infant Health and Alliance for Patient Access,
October 2017

Hospital Tubing & Infant Safety
National Coalition for Infant Health, October 2017

Understanding Prior Authorization
Alliance for Patient Access, October 2017

Diabetes and Non-Medical Switching
Diabetes Policy Collaborative, October 2017

Understanding Value-Based Contracting
Alliance for Patient Access, August 2017

2nd Annual National Policy and Advocacy Summit on Biologics and Biosimilars, April 2017

The Interchangeability Promise
Alliance for Patient Access, April 2017

Why Preemies Need Access to An Exclusive Human Milk Diet
National Coalition for Infant Health, March 2017

2016 Infant Health Summit video
National Coalition for Infant Health, December 2016

The Gap Baby: An RSV Story
National Coalition for Infant Health, September 2016
Finding an Opioid Abuse Solution that Works
Alliance for Patient Access, September 2016

Rationing Hepatitis C Cures is Costing Patients
Alliance for Patient Access, July 2016

Access to Asthma Medications
Alliance for Patient Access, July 2016

Access to Immuno-Oncology Therapies
Alliance for Patient Access, May 2016

AfPA Summit on Biologics and Biosimilars
April 2016

Stalled Clinical Trials: The Awareness Solution
Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness, May 2016

Imagine Clinical Trials Awareness
Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness, May 2016

Understanding Non-Medical Switching
AfPA video, February 2016

What Physicians Need to Know to Safely Prescribe Biosimilars
AfPA video, November 2015

Improving Patient Access to Hepatitis C Cures
AfPA video, October 2015

A Prescription for Reducing Opioid Abuse
AfPA video, September 2015

Stalled Clinical Trials: The Enrollment Problem
Coalition for Clinical Trials video, July 2015

Understanding Step Therapy
AfPA video, July 2015

How to Safely, Effectively Substitute Biological Medicines
AfPA video, May 2015

Clinical Pathways: When Personalized Healthcare Goes Off Course
AfPA video, April 2015

Protecting Cancer Care: Improving Transparency and Patient Access
AfPA video, January 2015

A Prescription for Safe Biologics
AfPA video, January 2015

RSV Immunoprophylaxis: Protecting Premature Infants
AfPA video, October 2014

Prescription Pain Medication: Preserving Access While Curbing Abuse
AfPA video, August 2014

What doctors need to know when pharmacists substitute biological medicines
AfPA video, April 2014

David Charles, M.D. participates in MassBIO policy discussion
January 2013

David Charles, M.D. discusses access to biologic therapies
AfPA video, February 2012

David Charles, M.D. explains PDUFA
AfPA video, July 2011

Jack Schim, M.D. on a health care code of the conduct
KUSI-TV, July 2010

What you need to know about medication switching
AfPA video, February 2010
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